Somewhere in NowHere
Traveling with the Sounds


I trust that my instinct is not programmed to serve anything else but love

and I can decide how to express love

and receive love in return

ancient and modern instruments,

natural sounds and space tones,

all combined with a loop station.

I invite you to listen, 

I invite you to dance

I invite you to create magic!

musician and peace artist

Stimme, Didgeridoo, Saxophon, Guitar, Piano, traditional Flutes, Singing Bowls, Synthesizer, 

Monochord, Shruti, Percussion, etc....

always looking for new sounds

I use English, Deutsch, Schwiizerdütsch, Bodylanguage and Lightlanguages

Jam with the Spirits

Picture: Tino Wakanda, Tenerife, 2018